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Create your unique casting potential so you can own your strengths as a performer and use them to build the foundation of your career and craft. 

I am on a mission to help performers, entertainers, and creatives confidently build their marketing materials, their team of professional reps/network, and their audition preparation process to get more of the career opportunities they deserve without feeling desperate but by standing out and owning their unique strengths and special sauce. 

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about me

i'm ready to jump in

You LOVE acting... but you understand this is a BUSINESS. And you're ready to put equal effort into building your career as honing your craft. 

You want to independently move the needle of your career... Without having to wait for your representation to get you auditions or figure out the best way to market you.  

You've been starting to audition consistently and not seeing results. You're ready to build your professional audition process to be competitive.

Whether you're brand spanking new, or been in the industry for a few years, you're ready to build an unshakeable foundation for your career, craft and confidence.

If so, I got you! 

does any of this sound familiar?

why i love what i do

my story

When I was 10 years old I told my parents I wanted to be an actor. Despite my severe shyness and paralyzing perfectionism, I was addicted to reading books out loud in my room pretending I was the characters, writing novels, and re-imagining storylines for my favorite TV shows. The first acting class I ever took I was hooked. My shyness started melting away, my self-confidence grew, and I fell in love with cultivating character and bringing stories to life. 

So much so, that I decided every other career path was for the birds and this is what I was meant to do. You too? Good. I love working with fellow storytelling-obsessed crazy people. I get to hone in on all of your amazing uniqueness, define your personalized casting potential, work with you on your craft and audition process, and build your business with confidence.

My greatest joy in life (other than turning on some french cafe music and diving in to write a screenplay) is creating a casting profile for you that makes you say, “Wow! This is exactly who I am as a storyteller.” 

Ready to book your career coaching sessions? Let’s do this. 

I have helped MANY performers create their unique casting potential and cultivate marketing materials around characters that perfectly showcase their special sauce. (Attracting more audition opportunities, better rep, and building more confidence).

And I know because I’ve been there too…

I went from trying to fit into the entertainment industry mold and “play many different types”, thinking that would get me more opportunities, to accidentally getting bangs and a bob (more on this later….) and re-designing my brand. I focused in on my strengths, uncovered my special sauce, and started booking roles and creating projects that amassed multiple six-figure years.

The simple and non-glamorous secret….

It’s all rooted in your unique casting potential and your very own individualized special sauce.

What makes you, YOU! 

fun facts about Yours Truly

Let's Get Personal

I went to prom three times in different national commercials... but only once in real life. 

I didn't die first in a bunch of horror movies... but I did die. 

I have over 100 voice over credits. Including Volkswagen, McDonald's, Simple Mobile... and many more! 

I've written and produced multiple films that have gotten into Film festivals and even won some awards! 

I did stand-up for a bit! Because I’m a masochist. (I actually had a great time, but the minor anxiety attack before every show wasn’t worth it for me.) 







Lumia Essentials Program (9-month ICF Accredited Program)

Lumia Signature Program (6-month ICF Accredited Program)



GSK Fast Start Meeting - Wrote and presented a 45-minute presentation about leadership, confidence, sales tactics, goal-setting, & accountability.

GSK Reginal Managers Meeting - Wrote and presented a 20-minute presentation about leadership, team building, and goal-setting.


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Are you ready?

You’ve got the talent… Now what?

Now you dive into the work that really builds the foundation of your career and craft. 

And you’re not the problem why you’re career isn’t where you want it to be - your current strategy probably is. So let’s fix that asap.

You deserve transparent, no B.S. business advice from someone who's BEEN THERE and that's rooted in your definition of success to thrive in this industry.

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