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This is where your career starts to thrive. From more auditions to building a great team of representatives. Learn how to stand out in a sea of other talented actors, design your unique brand, audition like a rockstar, and independently build the career of your dreams. Want to see if we're a good fit? Let's chat about where you're currently at in your career and curate a personalized plan to guide you towards success. 

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Price: $488

Want to build a strong foundation of thier career and prioritize the "business" elements of the industry to get great opportunities 

Want actionable next steps to get more auditions, create fantastic marketing materials that stand out, and get on local casting director's radar

Know they have what it takes to be successful in this business and want the tools, strategies and processes that WORK.

Want to put their time, money and effort in the right places to actually make strides towards becoming a working professional in the entertainment industry

this is perfect for performers Or Parents who: 

What you get: 
-A live 4-hour virtual workshop with Q+A (and recording)
-My E-Book 'The Performer's Parent Survival Guide' ($47) 
-FREE 30-minute one-on-one coaching strategy session ($75 value)

Topics covered:
-The five foundational pillars of building a successful career
-The working actors' checklist 
-Designing fantastic marketing materials that STAND OUT (Headshots, reels, resumes, casting profiles)
-How to build a great relationship with representation
-Networking with casting directors
-Union vs. Non-Union 
-Self-submissions, extra work, local hire, and much more!

Designed to demystify the process of what it takes to go from emerging performer to working professional. A crash course in the tools and strategies necessary to feel empowered in pursuing this career path. 

How to Set Your Career Up for Success  101

My Most requested Workshop!

Date & Time:
Saturday August 6th 11 am - 1 pm EST
Sunday August 7th  11 am - 1 pm EST

Sale Price: $375

"Honestly, I wish I had found you earlier because THIS is really the information I needed. Learning how to dive deep into working on character and analyze a script and just to feel confident tackling my auditions. My goal is to grow and get better every week and I 100% feel that with our work together."

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Date & Time:
Saturday July 30th
  11 am - 2 pm EST

Wanting to understand the trickery of their minds and how to combat its craziness to take on the highs and lows of the entertainment industry

Looking to build their personal confidence, easily handle rejection and thrive in professional opportunities

Interested in the psychology behind setting and achieving powerful goals + how to stay consistent

Wanting to develop better habits with thier time management to help them pursue this career without burning out. regardless of what life throws at them 

this is perfect for performers & Parents who are:

What you get:
-A live 3 hour virtual workshop (and replay!)
-Mindset e-book full of prompts, articles and techniques!
-FREE 30-minute one-on-one coaching strategy session ($90 value)

Topics Covered:
How to handle rejection 
How to build your internal self-confidence
Process-based goal setting 
Time management techniques  for consistent growth
How to abolish comparison and deal with imposter syndrome
Transactional vs. Transformational transformation and so much more!

 It's your guiding light towards success. A strong mindset is something you build through action. In this workshop, we explore the trickery of our minds and positive psychology techniques to grow your confidence and easily face rejection.

Creating a Winning Mindset + Strategy that Lasts

Your Mindset is your #1 tool

Price: $250

Sale Price: $215

After talking to many people about how things worked in the industry, I have never gotten more help from anyone than when I worked with Maddie. It truly has been the most rewarding and helpful program I have ever taken"

Hunter C.

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this is perfect for Performer's who are:

Date & Time:
Wednesday july 27th      6 pm - 8 pm EST

Wednesday August 3rd   6 pm - 8 pm EST

Wednesday August 10th  6 pm - 8 pm EST

Every time that audition email comes through, they want to jump into action with a preparation process that they're confident in and excited about

Don't want to wait to get good at auditioning until they're consistently auditioning (One of the biggest mistakes I see actors make)

Are eager to perfect their self-tape set-up and filming process because self-tapes are THE most frequent way auditions are held

Know that auditions are how you book work, build your resume and gain experience in this industry and it's vital to have a personalized technique  

What you get:
-3 weeks of 2 hour group sessions (6 hours total) 
-Audition Technique Checklist Workbook ($47 value) 
-FREE 30-Minute one-on-one coaching strategy session ($90 value)

Topics covered:
Strategies to approach any audition with confidence 
How to create a stellar self-tape
A comprehensive guide on how to break down any audition material (Commercial, Co-Star, Guest-Star)
How to conduct role research & breakdown project information
Feedback on your audition preparation process & "mock auditions"

Auditioning is its own beast and mastering a preparation process early on can elevate your ability to compete with working professionals and approach every opportunity with confidence.

Professional Audition Technique + Self-Tape 101

Auditioning is the gateway to booking work

Price: $550

Sale Price: $450


Bundle All 3 Workshops 

I'm so in!

audition Technique + self Tape 101

creating a winning mindset and strategy

How to Set your career up for success 101

TOTAL: $1502

BUNDLED Price: $676

What's Included.




10+ Hours of Masterclass video content based on my most popular workshops and coaching programs.

TONS of vital industry resources, templates, workbooks, and tools that will save you tons of time, money and energy.

Insider industry knowledge learned over almost 2 decades in the entertainment industry.

1 Hour Personal Strategy Session + Q&A upon completion of the courses. ($175 Value)

You'll Get.

+BONUS: 1 Hour Personal Strategy Session


"Maddie's information is some of the best you will get in the industry. Her programs will save you 2 to 3 years of time.  She's the big sister I wish I had when I entered the industry."

Olivia S.

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