This is where your career starts to thrive. From more auditions to building a great team of representatives. Learn how to stand out in a sea of other talented actors, design your unique brand, audition like a rockstar, and independently build the career of your dreams. Want to see if we're a good fit? Let's chat about where you're currently at in your career and curate a personalized plan to guide you towards success. 

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investment begins at $595

Wants to highlight who they are as a storyteller and re-design their casting profile to showcase their strengths and shine with their special sauce.

Is ready to have marketing materials that act as evidence for their talent and make it easier for casting directors to say YES to bringing them in for auditions.

Want to feel confident in how they're selling themselves and have strong tools to reflect their castability.

this is perfect for performer's  who: 

What you get: 
-4 90-Minute one-on-one Coaching Sessions 
-Developing Your Unique Brand As An Actor. 
-Creating 2-3 Characters That Showcase Your Castability.
-Filming Scenes For Each Character To Use As Reel Material.
-Expert Design of Your #1 Sales Tool. (Your Casting Profiles)
-Mini Outreach Plan. (Rep & Casting Directors)
-Full Slack Support Between Sessions.

I designed this intensive to help performers create their casting potential and design characters that show off their strengths so they can Stand out in a sea of talented individuals and get the auditions and representation they deserve.

Branding + Business Bootcamp

"Honestly, I wish I had found you earlier because THIS is really the information I needed. Learning how to dive deep into working on character and analyze a script and just to feel confident tackling my auditions. My goal is to grow and get better every week and I 100% feel that with our work together."

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investment begins at $1,095

Want to put equal focus on building your career, honing your craft and cultivating more confidence.

Wants more auditions, set up a great team of reps and fans, BOMB marketing materials & a STRONG audition preparation process.

Want someone to work IN their business with them and learn business strategies to self-manage their own career to thrive.

this is perfect for performer's  who are:

What you get:
-8 to 12 90-Minute Coaching Sessions 
-Creating Your Unique Casting Potential & Designing 4 Characters to Showcase Your Castability & Brand 
-Complete Design of Your Casting Profiles 
-Full Rep/Casting Outreach Plan (Cover Letter Design, Target List, Email Design, Outreach Tracking, etc;) 
-Audition Technique & Script Analysis (Co-Star, Guest-Star, Series Regular Material & Self-Tape Feedback)
-Full Slack Support Between Sessions

As an actor, you're the CEO of your own business and I'm your co-pilot on this wild ride. My program's combine individualized career strategy, building a rock solid audition process & strengthening your mindset to set you up for success.

1:1 Coaching Programs

After talking to many people about how things worked in the industry, I have never gotten more help from anyone than when I worked with Maddie. It truly has been the most rewarding and helpful program I have ever taken"

Hunter C.

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45 Minutes/$90 or 90 minutes/$175

Have targeted career questions they want a clear roadmap for, design action steps and get answers that support their goals. 

In need of a mini-branding bootcamp! We'll do a casting profile audit and define your castability. 

About to Do Representation/Casting Director Outreach and Want a Plan + the Tools.

In need of a mindset re-boot.

this is perfect for performer's who are:

What you get:
-One 45 or 90-Minute Session to Work Through Whatever Would be Most Helpful for Your Career/Craft/Confidence
-Client Notes & Recording Sent After Session 

My strategy sessions are perfect for any performer who wants to deep-dive into their career or craft in a targeted and powerful coaching session quickly and effectively. 

Built to solve your biggest “I need help, I don’t know what to do!” career stressor. Or if you need some extra support around a roadblock - we work to take you from confused -> Confident.

Strategy Sessions

"Maddie's information is some of the best you will get in the industry. Her programs will save you 2 to 3 years of time.  She's the big sister I wish I had when I entered the industry."

Olivia S.

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this is perfect for Performer's who are:

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Wanting the tools to build a strong career foundation with a specialized focus on their craft, career and confidence. 

Just starting out or in a career transition and want to re-build and re-boot their structure and strategy.

Wanting a roadmap to set them up for success and accountability to implement and take action. (Not to mention the 10000 other things that are covered in this program that are insanely valuable.

What you get: 
-8 weeks of Group Coaching (2 hour class every week, 60-minute office hours to answer any Q&A's, full Slack support) 
-Video Tutorials, templates, and workbooks released weekly (Lifetime access)
-2 weeks of branding, 2 weeks of business, 2 weeks of audition technique/script analysis, & 2 weeks of confidence building/mindset/goal-setting.

My Signature 1:1 Coaching program but in a group format! This program offers all the tools needed to self-manage your career while integrating you with a strong community. 

Group Coaching Program

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Are you ready?

You’ve got the talent… Now what?

Now you dive into the work that really builds the foundation of your career and craft. 

And you’re not the problem why you’re career isn’t where you want it to be - your current strategy probably is. So let’s fix that asap.

You deserve transparent, no B.S. business advice from someone who's BEEN THERE and that's rooted in your definition of success to thrive in this industry.

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