This is where your career starts to thrive. From more auditions to building a great team of representatives. Learn how to stand out in a sea of other talented actors, design your unique brand, audition like a rockstar, and independently build the career of your dreams. Want to see if we're a good fit? Let's chat about where you're currently at in your career and curate a personalized plan to guide you towards success. 

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Those who want to treat their career like a business and not just a hobby (even if you're brand new to the industry).

Don't want to just rely on their representation to get them opportunities but want to know how to "self-manage" their own career and potential. 

Want actionable next steps to get more auditions, create fantastic marketing materials that stand out, and get on casting director's radar

Know they have what it takes to be successful in this business and want the tools, strategies and processes that WORK.

Want to put their time, money and effort in the right places to actually make strides towards becoming a working professional in the entertainment industry.

Wanting their marketing materials to shine with their cast-ability so casting can have evidence of their talent.

Are eager to perfect their self-tape set-up and filming process because self-tapes are THE most frequent way auditions are held.

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A decked out course with every tool you'll ever need to self-manage your career (Or your Childs) + create your own opportunities. Helping you Expedite the process of becoming a working actor. 

The Business Side of Acting: How to Set Your Career Up For Success 🎥

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 Design your unique brand as an actor so your marketing materials showcase your castability and shine with your strengths - allowing casting directors access to who you are as a storyteller and making them say yes! to giving you to golden audition opportunities. 

Create Your Casting Potential ✨


actors typically spend more time auditioning than being on set. Mastering a preparation process early on can elevate your ability to compete with working professionals and approach every opportunity with confidence. (And book MOREJobs!)

Professional Audition Technique + Script Analysis 101 🎬

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"Honestly, I wish I had found you earlier because THIS is really the information I needed. Like how to dive deep into working on character and analyze a script and just to feel confident tackling my auditions. My goal is to grow and get better every week and I 100% feel that with our work together."

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"Maddie's information is some of the best you will get in the industry. Her programs will save you 2 to 3 years of time.  She's the big sister I wish I had when I entered the industry."

Olivia S.

After talking to many people about how things worked in the industry, I have never gotten more help from anyone than when I worked with Maddie. It truly has been the most rewarding and helpful program I have ever taken"

Hunter C.

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Now you dive into the work that really builds the foundation of your career and craft. 

And you’re not the problem why you’re career isn’t where you want it to be - your current strategy probably is. So let’s fix that asap.

You deserve transparent, no B.S. business advice from someone who's BEEN THERE and that's rooted in your definition of success to thrive in this industry.

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