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I work with amazing performers like you to build a career they love, professionally hone their craft, and cultivate personal confidence. 

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I’m a certified coach with a weird sense of humor, enough empathy to fill the Atlantic ocean, and a passion for empowering performers, entertainers, and creatives. (Y’all are my people). I help performers create their unique casting potential, perfect their audition process, build their personal confidence code and leverage it all with individualized business strategy. 

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I'm Maddie

They're passionate about consistently honing their craft and want to put equal effort into building their career. 

They network with the intention of building  community and fans in the industry. Not to just "get the job."

They understand creating their unique casting potential (branding) is not to help them fit into a box, but stand out in a sea of talent and showcase their strengths.

They believe their mindset is their #1 tool and key to success.

Who can relate to the following...

I'm here to help Performer's

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You'll gain the tools to self-manage your career.

Whether or not you have a dream team of reps, there are certain tools and processes that are in an actor's control when it comes to building their career. We'll design your branding, marketing materials, outreach plan, audition process and set goals for you to expertly manage yourself with confidence.

You'll feel confident in Your Audition preparation process. 

Auditions are the gateway to getting jobs. The second that email hits your inbox, you should know how to get down to work. We'll build a process that allows you to decipher important project information, cultivate authentic characters, and expertly conduct script analysis so you're confident with any material you receive.

Your mindset will go from shaky to secure.

If your mindset is shaky, it'll be hard to build a successful career (or life!). Using positive psychology techniques, we'll face any of your fears, abolish comparison, focus in on any forms of self-sabotage that are dissipating your confidence and zapping your self-belief. Through our mindset work you'll feel more confident in your abilities and secure with owning your unique-ness.

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You’ve got the talent… Now what?

Now you dive into the work that really builds the foundation of your career and craft. 

And you’re not the problem why you’re career isn’t where you want it to be - your current strategy probably is. So let’s fix that asap.

You deserve transparent, no B.S. business advice from someone who's BEEN THERE and that's rooted in your definition of success to thrive in this industry.

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